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mum, mum age 30-90, mummy, mother, nan, nanny, nannie, nana, gran, grandma, aunt, auntie, aunty, granddaughter, great granddaughter, granddaughter age 1-40,daughter, daughter age 1-60,daughter in law, daughter in law  age 30-50, sister, sister age 13-80,sister in law, sister in law age 30-50,Neice,niece age 1-40, cousin,wife,wife age 30-90, goddaughter, Dad, dad age 30-90, husband, husband age 30-90,brother, brother age 13-80,son, son age 1-60, nephew, nephew age 1-40, grandson, great grandson, grandson age 1-40, uncle, godson, grandad, engagement, engagement relations, your wedding, our wedding, anniversary, anniversary 1-70, our anniversary, husband anniversary, husband anniversary milestone, wife anniversary , wife anniversary milestone, grandson / granddaughter anniversary, parents/grandparents anniversary, daughter & son in law anniversary, son & daughter in law Anniversary , sister & brother in law anniversary, birth congratulations, adult ages, juvenile ages, general birthday, humour cards, sympathy, thinking of you and get well.




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