Robotime-ROKR Prime Steam Express MC501 is a 1:80 scale model of ancient steam train in the 1860s. Realistic details like steam whistle, shaft wheels and a detachable tender, all make it an exquisite decor for your home.

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MC501 is a fabulous design for hand on crafts. You can choose to build it on your own or enjoy it with your friends. It is a great challenge to your mind and hands.

Vehicles always play a striking role in our life. But different from nowadays, what’s the most important vehicle people use back to 1860s? ROKR MC501 train model will uncover the mystery veil here!

1:80 scale model train
Replicated details with a detachable tender
No glue required
Estimated time: 4-5h
SKU: MC501
Note: It’s a motionless model.